Month: August 2018

Reasons To Visit Hvar Island

Are you planning for a vacation with your family, friends or alone? Stop straining yourself. Hvar Island in Croatia is the ideal destination. Hvar is a holidaymaker. The town has beautiful sites to visit. The island is among the top best beach destination globally.

Here are the top sites you can’t miss visiting on Hvar Island:
• Dubovica
This is a luxurious and gorgeous beach in Hvar. It’s an awesome place to be. It has a cluster of cafés, bars and tiny stone houses. The area has dazzling beautiful blue green water. Don’t miss visiting the place to enjoy the great atmosphere and features along Dubovia beach.

• Fortica
It’s the best place to be on Hvar Island. Looms on the top of the town with night fermented with a golden glow. The castles occupy Illyrian-Settlement which date 500BC.
It has a magnificent view of Hvar as well as Pakleni Islands. It’s a beautiful place to visit when on vacation with your loved ones.

• Trg Sv Stjepana
Come and experience the largest ever square located in Hvar town. This square which stretches from cathedral touching harbor, it’s a very wonderful rectangular-square. Initially, the square was formed through inlet filling. It’s among the largest as well as the oldest squares you can see in Hvar town.

• St Stephen’s Cathedral
You can’t afford missing visiting this place when you’re at Hvar Island. The site offers the best backdrop of the Hvar’s main square. It was built during 16th as well as 17th centuries during the famous Dalmatian-Renaissance so as to replace the cathedral which had just been brought down by Turkish.

It has distinctive features that you can’t wait to see. Visit the place and you’ll thank me later.

Hvar Island is the vacation destination you can enjoy to the fullest. The place has beautiful features such as beaches, restaurants, outdoor activities centers as well as heritage and museum places.

Make a bold step and visit the Island to enjoy the most out of the vacation.

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