Five Reasons You Should visit San Sebastian Spain

There are many things that attracts tourists to San Sebastian, Spain. There are beaches, delicious food, mountains and mother nature itself. San Sebastian has however remained undiscovered for a for the most part.

Thus, if you are seeking for a perfect vacation spot, we have outlined five reasons San Sebastian Spain is a great choice.

1. Delicious recipes

You will always fall in love with a particular dish in San Sebastian Spain. One of the most common food cultures is the oinxos. It is an elaborate dish to enjoy with family and friends. Limit your bottle to one per bar so you have a taste of what is in the next shop.

2. Famous Beaches

La Concha beach is famous for its beauty and Zurriola beach is known for the tidy plane scene. In summer, Sunbathers fill everywhere. Ferries travel and make some rounds for the wonderful island in the summer.

3. Abundant restaurants

If you often wonder, why visit San Sebastian Spain? Think about the restaurants. They have wine lists over a hundred pages long. Thus, no matter how hard you drink, you cannot beat them. Many people often believe that their bodega, in Europe is one of the top five!

4. Awesome Mountain Views

From the Monte Igeldo, there are terrific spots that give a very beautiful view of the whole city. Asides, there are daring roller coasters which could be frightening but worth the excitement, adventure and fun of the trip.

5. The Basque Culture

Of the millions of culture that exist on earth, the Basque is part of the least understood. Most people see it as mysterious in the Western Hemisphere. Thus, on getting to San Sebastian, Spain, it is recommended that one examine the city’s agenda for the many cultural landmarks and touchstones. Some popular ones among the locals are aizkolaris (which is a Basque sport, called wood chopping), bertsolaris (these are Basque people skilled in poetry), as well as the pelota – the Basque baseball.