Why travel to Leh-Ladakh India 

The destination offers a perfect opportunity for people to enjoy their vacation. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to be happy alone, or with family or friends. People suggest different times on when to visit this place. It can be during the summer when there are a lot of activities to be done since the snow has melted. There are many reasons as to why most people like visiting Leh-Ladakh. here are some of the reasons that will make your visit to the place enjoyable.

The presence of monasteries

To start with, the place offers a paradise for the individuals who seek to have a religious tour. Leh-Ladakh is full of different monasteries and stupas. Thiksey monastery is among the most popular monastery to visit. In addition to that, there are also other places like the mosques for the Muslims and temples for the Hindu.

The monastic festivals

Leh-Ladakh is a land of festivals and fairs. Festivals can teach a lot of things to people who aim to learn from different cultures of people. the place, therefore, offers different festivals that are colorful. Mostly, they are held in the monasteries in the city. the local dance is what makes it colorful as well as the presence of the singing choirs.

The scenic beauty of the place

The place is enclosed between the two mountains; the Himalayan and Karakoram mountains. Leh-Ladakh is a highland that has different colors in the different places that you choose to visit. There are green patches of vegetation in the valleys, peaks with snow and above it, all is the blue sky. All this form a beauty that one would want to visit the place for the second time. Do not want to miss the shelter that comes from this place by thinking that the place is just a barren landscape.


Many people love mountain climbing; something that can be found in Leh-Ladakh. people from different part of the world come to visit the place in order to enjoy mountain climbing. The foot of Nubra valley has many base camps. This offers an opportunity for trekkers to explore and enjoy the lofty Karakoram mountain ranges. People out for adventure can get trek packages that range from two to ten days. Places like Markha valley, the Lamayuru, and Shayok valley

are popular destinations for trekking. Conclusion

The points stated above give the main reason as to why one should visit the city of Leh-Ladakh. The wonderful colors, beautiful mountains, and valleys all can attract someone to be there. The place also has roads that are always kept in good condition to take care of the visitors. Vist the place in mid-November and walk over the frozen lakes.